20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

20,000 leagues under the sea is a classic science-fiction novel which was published in 1870 by Jules Vern, a French writer. Originally in French, this story follows Capt. Nemo and his submarine. It is told from the perspective of a professor, a servant, and it wailer who is washed up on the ship. These three narrators aboard the ship start out on a journey which is intended to take them around the world, only under the seat. The novel was published in a periodical in small parts with illustrations. It was then highly acclaimed in book form and even today is released as one of the premier adventure novels and in fact one of the greatest works ever completed by Vern.

The description of the ship was one considered ahead of its time, one that accurately describes the features you would find on a submarine today, in spite of the fact that at the time it was written submarines were primitive vessels. The title refers to the distance that is traveled and not to the depth. The greatest depth mentioned inside of this book is only four leagues and not 20.

The plot follows a missed area see monster, one whom the United States government wants to find and destroy. A French marine biologist two is the key narrator of the story is in New York at the time that the government assembles a team. He received an invitation to join the team. It is then that the Canadian whaler, the harpoonist, and the servant are brought aboard the team. Departing from Brooklyn this team travels around Cape Horn and finds the monster. But the monster damages the ships rudder in the attack. The three men are hurled into the water and try to grab onto the skin of the creature which they actually fine is a submarine significantly ahead of its time.

The three men are captured and brought on to the submarine where they meet the commander, Capt. Nemo. Remainder of the story follows the adventures of these men aboard the creature, or the submarine, which was built in secrecy and continues to roam the seas free from control by a land-based government. The motivation of Capt. Nemo was implied to be a scientific thirst for knowledge but in addition a desire to revenge upon civilization through his self-imposed exile. He explained to the summary is powered by electricity and it can complete advanced marine biology research. While on this journey they are able to visit many places around the world, some of which replaces the jewels Vern actually traveled or speculated about.

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