Creating A 5-Paragraph Narrative Essay Step By Step

Narrative essays are written in such a manner that it appears the story is being told by an onlooker, either a part of or completely detached from the events unfolding within the story. There are many different styles authors use to accomplish this but there are four main steps one must include in order in any narrative essay.

  1. Make sure it’s a story and not a documentary
  2. Narratives are intended to tell an experience of the author, one that should be worthy of mention and not at all boring or uninteresting. This means that the reader must also enjoy the tale and to accomplish this, one must tell a story and people love good stories. So hold nothing back, include every detail of interest to you in an exciting and captivating manner. Use every literary tool in your arsenal to ensure the reader receives the best experience while reading your story.

  3. Use climax to your advantage
  4. There are many devices one can utilize to make a story more interesting and invigorating to the reader. One such technique is the art of the anticlimax to climax relationship. This device allows you to have one holding their breath never knowing what to expect next by continuously twisting the paradigm of a story, while remaining within the bounds of logic and sensibility, one can easily have a reader at the edge of their seat until you’re ready to tie it all together in a simple, unexpected statement.

  5. A theme or moral makes a big difference
  6. Your need to be exciting and interesting in your telling of the story does not mean you can write one that doesn’t make any sense, or one that has no deeper meaning. People love when they engage a piece of literature to find that there was hidden a message that they missed and had to read the paper again to fully get it. Many writers, both in literature and theater, utilize this tactic and to good effect. As humans we look for deeper meaning everything, so be sure to consider the overall message your story can produce and structure your writing towards presenting that message with the best effect.

  7. Concluding with a bang.
  8. Every story needs to be closed off nicely, no one likes to feel incomplete after engaging themselves in a plot only to find themselves wondering what really happened at the end. Be sure to complete your story and leave no detail unexplained unless it was intentional.

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