A Selection Of Exploratory Essay Topics To Look Into

What exactly is an exploratory essay? If you need to write one, you’ll need to know! Well, quite simply, an exploratory essay is asking you to explore a subject from various points of view. This essay doesn’t state a single or fixed stance, rather it explores the different sides of an issue/argument. The purpose is to demonstrate what different people think about the subject at hand.

Now you know what an exploratory essay is, you’ll need to pick a topic. This might be harder than it first seems, as there are a vast number of topics to choose from. When it comes to choosing, you need to make sure that there are enough differing sources to use in your paper- it needs to be well-researched and balanced. You should also pick a topic which you are interested in. The more passionate you are for a subject, the more this will come across in your writing, which will ultimately be conveyed to your reader.

Here is a selection of topics to help you start thinking about what you might choose as your own:

  • What are the negative and positive impacts divorce can have on children?
  • The positive and negative effects of interfaith marriage.
  • Should there be tighter controls over sexual content on the internet?
  • What causes the majority of obesity in the U.S?
  • Is global warming real?
  • Is global cooling real?
  • Are electric cars our future?
  • Could nanotechnology be used as weaponry?
  • Should we end usage of nuclear power?
  • Should the United Kingdom decommission Project Trident?
  • Ethical issues to consider when donating sperm.
  • Designer babies: should parents be able to create specific characteristics for their children?
  • Will paperback and hardback books cease to be in the near future?
  • Are social networking sites good or bad for human interaction?
  • The ethics of eugenics.
  • Is overpopulation a realistic threat?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Should marijuana be legalised?
  • Should smoking be banned in all public places?
  • Should the U.S adopt a United Kingdom style National Health Service?

If you need more ideas, then why not find some samples of exploratory essays? Your campus library should have a great selection in its archives, or you could always look on the internet. You’ll also find a selection of lists online as well. The more you can look around, the better examples you’ll be able to find. Carefully consider your different topics of interest before you finally decide.

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