The Top 20 Science Essay Topics That Will Help You Get Inspired

Most students think of research and laboratories when they imagine a science class. In reality, many science classes require students to complete essays. For new students, thinking of an essay topic can seem almost impossible. To get started, students should brainstorm different ideas. If the teacher handed out topic ideas, this is an excellent place to start brainstorming. Students who are still stuck on a thesis can use some of the following topics for writing their essay.

Science Essay Topics

  1. Are genetically modified foods an answer to solving world hunger?
  2. What are the positives and negatives of allowing wild animals to interact with humans?
  3. Is chronic disease syndrome a real disease? If so, how can it be cured or treated?
  4. What is the optimal diet for humans? Are there any diets currently on the market that use this formula?
  5. How does auxin increase plant growth? What does excess auxin do to the formation of roots?
  6. Are any of the items displayed in science fiction movies possible to make? What are some ways that they could be possible?
  7. Are the theories proposed in behavioral epigenetics real? If so, how can modern science harness these ideas?
  8. What causes autism? Is this disease a result of brain damage, environmental factors or genetics?
  9. Are pap screens, mammograms and annual physicals necessary for maintaining good health? What are the alternatives?
  10. Will robots ever be able to replace humans completely? Is true artificial intelligence possible to achieve?
  11. Currently, researchers are looking at ways to tailor medicine to a person's genome. Is it possible to create medication that suits one person's DNA?
  12. What were some of the factors that caused speech to develop in primates? To what extent is this ability present in non-human primates?
  13. What caused birds to develop beautiful feathers? Why is it only present in male peacocks and not female peacocks?
  14. What causes almost eradicated diseases like the Whooping Cough to become a problem again?
  15. Scientists have figured out how to produce silk from goat milk. What are some similar developments? What are expectations for the future of science?
  16. Are their medical uses for nanotechnology? Will nanofibers one day be able to heal spinal and brain injuries?
  17. What are the ethics surrounding stem cell research? How do current governmental policies about stem cells impact the quality of scientific studies?
  18. What does the flu vaccine fail to work for some people?
  19. Virgin Galactica is in the process of developing a private space shuttle. How will privatizing space change the way space resources are divvied up?
  20. Is it possible for humans to colonize another planet? How has the BioDome experiment changed the expectations around space colonization?

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