Where to Obtain Well-Written Examples of Process Analysis Essays

Essay writing may appear to be quite a boring task to quite a lot of people who are still at some stage of their academic life. Especially people who have no interest in essay writing whatsoever will find essay writing very intimidating.

One of the scariest essay types is the process analysis essays, which are double the work than a usual essay because they not only require you to describe some phenomenon but also demand you to analyze them for conclusion and improvement purposes.

What is a Process Analysis Essay?

A process analysis essay usually starts with a “How to.” Such essays give a detailed account of some phenomenon or occurrence in a chronological order. Process analysis essays demand the highest degree of organization and sequenced formatting.

While writing a process analysis essay be sure to review the following points:

  1. Everything is in order and nothing seems irrelevant or out of place.
  2. Nothing remains unexplained. It should be able to describe the phenomenon as a whole.
  3. Be careful the transitions are timed.
  4. The entire chronological sequence should lead to some conclusion
  5. State the possible strengths, weaknesses, benefits, and disadvantages.
  6. There should always be some room for recommendations.
  7. Do not forget to mention the limitations.
  8. Give warnings whenever and wherever required
  9. It should include some standard against which one can tell if the process has been successfully carried out or not.

Sample Process Analysis Essay Topics

  1. How to start your own business from scratch
  2. How to be a better parent – parenting 101
  3. How to pay make money at home?
  4. How to make sure your first camping trip is a success?
  5. How to quit smoking

General Structure:

A process analysis essay has a similar structure like any other essay type:

  1. Outline
  2. Topic
  3. Introduction
  4. Literary Review
  5. Findings
  6. Conclusion
  7. Recommendations

Where to find well-written examples

If you are looking for fresh and uniquely written essay examples, refer to blogs where young, extremely talented, and creative people write short process analysis blogs. You can also consult grammar books for essay examples. Your own course books might prove to be extremely useful. If you have had some elder sibling graduate, recently you can ask them to hand you their essays/ the internet is full of well-written process analysis essays.

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