Online Learning

Online learning can be a difficult process for someone that isn’t as dedicated to working hard. There are four strategies that if used together can contribute to success as an online learner. Planning, time management, communication, and technology will all help any person successfully be able to manage their own personal lives with the hard process of being an online learner . Planning is the first step and one of the most essential parts of learning online because like I stated before, most people do have a life outside of school. Weather it be work, family, or even volunteer work there is a way to know when you have free time and when you should be working on work for school. Another essential part of planning starts when picking out your classes. You don’t want to take on more than you can handle. So planning starts before the semester. When choosing classes you have to think about your full workload. You can’t over load or you won’t be able to get any work done and your work on both sides will most likely start to suffer. Because even exhaustion from being over worked can’t be fixed by just a weekend off when you are stuck in a class for a full semester. That goes into time management, which is basically the same step but just a little deeper. When you are fully set up in class and get your syllabus through out your time in school You should have some set up of a calendar or planner so you know exactly when everything is due so you can have enough time to study, write an essay, etc. Communication is key to working with professors and employers. If you have a clear set up of what you have on your plate you can tell that to your employers, and then everything is upfront. Also keeping an open line of communication with your professor can definitely help down the line.

Lastly technology is one of the main factors that contributes to success in online learning. Online learning obviously wouldn’t exist without technology so it is maybe the best resource. Utilizing it is important so you can get the best out of your time and education. Using your phone to constantly check for emails or updates from professors, doing research online, and using tablets when out of range from a tangible computer or while on the go. All of these can help anyone and have certainly helped me throughout my time doing online classes.

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