How To Use An Example Of A Reflective Response Essay Properly

Essays have always been a part of our life since our early childhood. From the beginning of studying about language and how to develop it, we have been vested upon to write several write ups so that we can grow our choice of language stronger and better.

Slowly with the advancement of times, the topics have become harder and we have developed our own personal skills of writing through it. It has given us a touch of writing stories, sometimes forming a statement or even forming a fixed opinion.

There are many genres of write ups and we need to know about each of them with proper examples and patterns of writing them, so that we don’t intermix one with another. A reflective response write up is about communicating with your professor about a particular topic, opinion or subject that has led to shaping of your thought and behaviour. We can understand that it is a bit of a personal log book writing still we have to give to it a touch of academic to maintain the standard.

How to use an example of a reflective response essay

There are several ways to use an example and for that you have to know the genre in a detailed way. Without knowing it properly you can use it in any case. You have to be sure about all the works that you are going to do.

  1. Try to get the main theme of your work. You have to think of that particular thing that really affects your mentality and will be possible for you to design the whole thing in perfect way. You have to brainstorm ideas so that you get the best one. Topic is the main thing.
  2. Jot down all your ideas so that you don’t forget what you have thought about your specific subject. To use an example you have to understand how it should be used. There must be ideas about the things that mould you to think in such a way about the choice of your subject. Try to get all of them down on a single piece of paper.
  3. Try to question yourself about your opinion. Try to get varied opinions so that you can contradict yourself and come up with several particular reasoning. With these you will be able to have many though process surfing around your head and you will be able to come up with a nice reflective write up.

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