Where To Get A Great Example Of An Essay Describing Yourself

Coming up with a good essay that highlights your personal experience can be quite a challenging task. Many people assume that good essays have to be about a different event, or a personal crisis. However, a good essay should be able to highlight your experiences and interests in a good way.

Types of essays

Writing a good essay that highlights your experiences and interests enables you to shine in the application process. The essay can be of two categories.

  • A response to specific questions
  • A general comprehensive essay about yourself.


Before you sit down to write your essay, do some brainstorming. Think of the following questions. You could even pretend that you are in an interview and have been asked the following questions.

  1. What are your career goals?
  2. Why should the institution be interested in you?
  3. Why are you a stronger candidate?
  4. What skills do you have? (for example leadership skills, analytical, communicative, etc)
  5. What lessons did you learn in previous jobs that you have done before?
  6. Why are you interested in that job or scholarship?
  7. What has been your inspiration?
  8. What is unique or special about you?
  9. What challenges have you overcome s far? (hardships or obstacles- physical, economic, family)

Try to come up with answers o these questions. You could note them down.

The essay that you write should be able to tell a story. Use concrete experiences to show demonstrations. However, you shouldn’t be boring. Ensure that whatever you write is different, lively and fresh.

Be specific. For instance, state clearly what your interests or desire is and give specific reasons for that.

As you write, find an angle. Figure out how you can make it interesting.

Important details

More concentration should be put on the first paragraph. It is the most important. It also provides a framework for the rest of the essay.

As you write the body, write more details about your interests and experiences in a particular field. Also state your knowledge about that field. Be specific as you relate what you know about the field. Use professional language. Experiences that you could state include,

  1. Field experience. Specifically describe a project or a challenge that you faced. How did you meet that challenge? What skills or lessons did you gain through the experience?
  2. Research experience. You could focus on a single project that you worked with a professor, for example. Highlight your enthusiasm for the topic/subject. Also focus on your success or growth.
  3. Unrelated work experience. These are strong experiences in different fields?
  4. Extra-curricular activities. Demonstrate your specific qualities by use of your experiences.

It is also important that you also refer to relevant seminars you attended or relevant books that you have read.

What makes you exceptional?

The main objective here is for you to highlight your unique background. For instance, if you have unusual religious or ethnic background, consider highlighting what you learned from those beliefs or experiences. They should contribute to your goal.

Also describe obstacles that you have overcome that have given you goals. Be careful when writing this and ensure that you end on a positive note.

Some subjects should be avoided in your essay. For instance, do not write about controversial political or religious issues. You also shouldn’t also make references to your high school experiences, as they are irrelevant.

Ensure that your work is meticulous. Proofread your essay very carefully and correct any typos, spelling and grammatical errors. Ensure that you have expressed yourself clearly and concisely. Avoid use of clichés.

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