Be the best among your co-students: write a brilliant essay

A brilliant essay has essential components to make it stand out. You need to know what your topic needs and how to present your findings. You can have great opinions, detailed ideas and strong evidence to support your claim. But, you need to know how all of these elements come together to produce an awesome essay. You can find a few examples of well-written essays through recommendations from your instructor to help you. Here are a few additional points to consider in helping you write a brilliant essay.

Choose a Topic You Are an Expert In

A brilliant essay has a brilliant topic. Here, you can choose something of interest but look into making it stand out. What information about your topic others would find intriguing? You can give yourself a great advantage to selecting something you know a lot about. You should have an idea of how to present your information and what sources you can use. You may be able to get some ideas through brainstorming, conducting light research on potential ideas, and reading over sample essays.

Know Elements of a Great Thesis Statement

A great thesis statement is important. This is what your work is based on. Your efforts will work to prove this statement. It should be detailed, concise and clearly understandable. If you feel you cannot provide adequate evidence to support it, it may not be strong enough. A good thesis statement can have at least three or more supporting points to help readers understand its purpose.

Understand Significant Parts of Your Essay

An essay has an introduction, body and conclusion. Each of these parts makes your paper interesting and pulls the whole subject together. The introduction has a catchy hook, strong thesis and good background details to set the tone for your topic. The body has multiple paragraphs each having a supporting point, topic sentence and evidence to back your thesis. Your conclusion restates your thesis and other supporting information, while providing insight on what you want readers to remember about your topic.

Polish Your Work So It Shines

Write a rough draft (some write more than one which is even better). Review ideas and concepts. Make sure information appears with logic reasoning. Write your final essay. Double-check information as you have presented it. Edit and proofread your paper.

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