How the Media Influences Fear

Media outlets are good at influencing fear to the masses. There are times people need to know about certain situations and they just want to know the facts. But, they can take things too far and invoke fear that is not necessary. They can provide insight on an event that is happening and show details they do not need to show. They may not always be sensitive to the people they may be watching such as children. Yet, there are times where the fear they influence is a part of society that is harsh truth millions of people continue to live till this day.

What elements do the media use to influence fear to their audience? These elements may vary depending on how they are reaching their audience. The media has multiple outlets and platforms they use on a regular basis. There is television, social media, print publications, live reporting and more. It is one thing to be on the scene of a crime, terror attack, or an accident, but how they provide the information to the masses is often a question many consumers ponder. People eventually learn the truth behind an event that happened, and then they wonder why the media blew it out of proportion.

The media has a way of exaggerating the truth to make things more interesting to their audience. For some media outlets their reputation is on the line. They need to make things look good and have solid reporting to go with it. Some outlets will take a small event that could have been mentioned to the public in a few short words, and turn it into a media circus and disrupt regular programming to talk about it and other related events for an extended time period.

People want to know what is going on in their communities. People want to know the facts when it comes to politics, the economy and things that effect how they live. People also what to know about crime and justice being served. But in some cases making people more scared about what is really going on out there is not necessary. People do not need more fear when they pretty much know the dangers and disadvantages of their society. It would be nice if the truth can be told without the drama or added fear. It could help people live a little more comfortably.

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