How Can People Change?

There are many aspects of the personalty that can be considered defective. We may be liars, thieves, gamblers or drunkards but this does not mean that we are doomed to remain this way. This essay examines some of the things that can make a person more likely to change.

  • Through introspection
  • Very often we engage in behaviors that we know are wrong because we do not spend much of our time thinking about what we do and why. Through introspection and honest analysis we can begin to see ourselves in a new way. This shines a spotlight and our flaws and can lead us to have a more complete sense of what it is we need to change and even how urgent that need is.

  • Through religious intervention
  • It is good to see ourselves for who we are but sometimes the motivation for this comes from our religion. We may find God and realize how sinful we are and the need for change becomes very urgent indeed at this point. It may even be a specific passage of scripture that makes this need appear or simply knowing that our actions are in contradiction with our beliefs.

  • By putting ourselves in a new location
  • Being in the place that we associate with the behaviors we wish to avoid can make it very hard to change. Every place that reminds us of the things we used to do can be seen as an opportunity to fall back into bad habits. This is not always simple. If the place where you live is the place where the actions you wish to avoid took place it may not be an option for you to just pick up everything you have and go.

  • By avoiding people associated with the old way of life
  • Again, avoiding everyone you associate with the trait you want to change is simply not possible all of the time. Where it is, you should definitely consider it. If your issue is late night partying, old friends may not understand your desire to stop and may even think it is their duty to get you back into your old ways. If possible, tell them that you simply cannot. If not find new people to be around who support the lifestyle you want to adopt.

Change can be difficult but many people have accomplished it. It helps to have a support system of people that you trust.

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