How to Develop Intriguing Essay Topics: a Quick Guide

In the age of the internet, of course, there are all kinds of ways to stimulate your imagination, learn more about all kinds of things that were once out of reach, and discover all sorts of intriguing essay topics to write about.

First, Are You Using the Most Scholastic Search Engine?

First, one thing I noticed as a college professor. Students using web browsers just because they liked the colors on the home page. Do you know how ridiculous it is to use Bing? Yahoo? For school? These search engines are good for just about nothing. I use Google—only Google, for everything from shopping, to finding the best price on hotels and airfares, to finding a great restaurant, and most especially, to finding the absolute best ideas, most current research, and best academic resources available on the web.

Google – NOT Google Scholar—Unless You are A Millionaire

What you do not want to go to for researching essay ideas is Google Scholar—Google scholar uses that fancy, scholastic name but unless you are willing to shell out 3,000 to access the MLA database—forget it.

Once, I wanted to access an essay called “Distortions of Love in Toni Morrison’s Novels.” They wanted me to pay 3,000 for that essay. So I just use Google now, to say the least, because what if I had made a mistake?

Where to Find Intriguing Essay Ideas and How

For one thing, try googling “intriguing new topics to write about” or “intriguing new essay topics for students” --- If you want some good basic ideas, qualify those searches with words like “for AP High School Seniors.” This way the topic will be advanced but will not require research from advanced college databases – get it?

I’m giving you some great hints, so stay with me.

Here are some intriguing essay topics that would be fun—and interesting – to write about.

  1. Anything to do with organ research right now—they are finding out some amazing things.
  2. All It Ever Took Was Shampoo? Organ washing with Simple Shampoo and How this Will Revolutionize Organ Transplants.
  3. Growing Ears on Mice: What’s going on right now in organ harvesting?
  4. Soon we will walk into a warehouse and buy new lungs: predictions for the year 2030 in terms of organ transplants, harvesting, and research
  5. A new planet discovered? : What the increasing discovery of planets tells us about our Earth.

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