Brainstorming Argumentative and Persuasive Essays Topics

Writing an academic essay is a basic skill that every student should have to succeed in their further education. Once you are free to choose a topic, don’t panic, you are a lucky person to write about things that interest you the most. Some useful advice will help you to select the best idea.

So, your assignment is to choose an argumentative and persuasive essay topic, the main point of which is to make your audience agree with your thoughts even if the theme is too controversial. Sounds difficult? Don’t worry you don’t have to be an expert to write a brilliant essay, simply continue reading this article, and you’ll find out how to effectively structure your arguments and help people correctly understand your message.

  • Leaving yourself enough time to write is the best way to start. Every writing task doesn’t allow you to rush, especially the persuasive and argumentative essay, where you are supporting an argument.
  • The next step is brainstorming process. It is very essential for persuasive essay, because you have to have enough background data strongly to support your argument.
  • Once you are ready with the brainstorming process and note making, you are ready to pick up a topic. You have to believe in it, and enjoy the fact that you might argue. You are going to have a better time while writing and more fun if the theme intrigues you. To avoid seizing on something you do not care all that much about, figure out which side of the argument you will support, because there is a chance you would rather be against it. Attentively choose the topic, because sometimes even if you are really interested in the theme, but it’s not controversial enough. For example, you are intrigued in specific brand of shoes that might not have enough depth to make it worthy to write about. As an alternative look for a theme that would make for good subject and interest the readers as well.
  • When the topic is chosen, think about possible arguments against your persuasive essay. If you cannot think of any, it means that your topic is not disputable enough.
  • Now it is time for the writing process - think of a catchy introduction, the content of the body paragraphs, counterargument if it is required, and add a few wrapping thoughts for closing. End with something that will absolutely strike your readers.

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