How Do You Create An Essay Title On Domestic Violence?

Essays are supposed to be fun and to help you become more creative and aware of the world around you. However, sometimes you will have to write about subjects that make you feel uncomfortable, like domestic violence. This does not mean that you should go to school without your assignment; it only means that you have to be more delicate while writing. Apply these ideas if you need to create a title for your composition:

  • Don’t use any aggressive words. The more you read about this, the more frustrated you get. You want to do something to help the victims, and you want to express this frustration in your text. This is why you can be tempted to use offensive or aggressive words that will express your rage. While this can be relieving for you, it will not be appreciated by your teacher. Don’t forget that you are a student and you need to keep all your content decent and objective.
  • Don’t involve the name of any victim. Sometimes you find out that people that you know passed through a difficult situation. You want to express your sympathy towards them by writing a composition about this, but you might get the opposite effect. No one wants to discuss about their life with strangers, and even less to be the main subject of a high school text. If you want to help them in some way, explain to them how they can get immediate help and solve their problem.
  • Don’t use any cliche. If you watch a lot of movies or the news every single afternoon, you probably notice that there are some expressions that everyone is using. While these expressions might be suitable for a public person, they are clearly not suitable for you. It will make your composition seem childish and your professor will think that you got inspired by these movies. It’s better to come up with something original if you want to impress anyone.
  • Don’t pretend to know how it feels. Unless you were in a difficult situation like this before, you can’t know how a victim feels. A title that talks about the feelings of a victim can be appealing for your classmates, but it would be offensive for many other people. You need to look at this entire situation from the outside and talk only about the things that you know.

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