How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay: a Brief Introduction 

A compare and contrast essay is one of the easiest texts to write during college. All you have to do is pick two things that are similar and/or different in various ways, and simply compare. Doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? However, this comparison should be supported with evidence for your text to be a strong one. What is more, you will have to state the reasons for choosing the characteristics you compare. They have to be important or typical of the subject. To have a better feeling of how a high-quality compare and contrast essay, check the tips below.

How to Choose a Subject?

For your text to be successful, you have to be very careful with the problems or objects you pick. They have to be different and similar enough to withstand comparing and contrasting process. Think of the two things that share some basic ground features, but have also very distinct differences. For example, you can choose two countries or cities, two historical periods, two fictional characters or even two dieting plans.

How to Choose Aspects to Compare?

After you have picked your subjects, you will have to focus on finding their peculiar traits to contrast and compare. It may be a good idea to draw two intersecting circles, one for each subject, and brainstorm any ideas that come to your mind. Put the similarities in the intersecting part, and the differences outside of it. Now you should think about filtering your ideas. Choose something meaningful during this stage, something that is important enough to be a defining feature of a certain object. Also, do not pick any aspects you have nothing to say about: they are your essay’s dead weight.

How to Introduce All of the Above to the Audience?

It’s a very important thing to do to write a thesis statement for your paper, so that the reader knows what to expect. It should not be more than two sentences, and is usually put into the introductory part or paragraph. Make sure it fully reflects the contents of your essay, but don’t make it too heavy. It can be a good idea to name three main characteristics in your statement and focus on them. By doing this you will be able to provide good supporting paragraphs for each point, and make your essay easier to read and comprehend. Make sure you convey the idea of these two things being similar and different at the same time.

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