How To Write A Text Response Essay: Helpful Guidelines

There are many types of essays you will be expected to complete over the course of your academic career. The text response need not be any more or less frightening than the others. If you have never encountered this particular from of writing before or have merely never attained a level of comfort with it, fear not. The instructions below will put you on the right track.

Prepare beforehand

The whole idea behind this structure is that you, the writer must answer a question based on a specific text. If you have read this text carefully and developed a clear understanding of its major themes you will be in a much stronger position when it comes to your writing. This is true even if the essay is open book. Once you know the contents of the book, you will be faster at extracting points from it than someone else who is looking at it seriously for the first time when trying to write the response.

Write out a plan

This is good advice for all types of essays but should still be included here. You may have a special quote that you know should be included but aren’t sure where to place. By creating a plan before you start writing in earnest you can find the right spot for it early on. There is also a lower chance of accidental redundancy if you have a well organized plan from the beginning.

Be interesting

Chances are that your paper is not the only one your teacher will have to correct. It will be one of many and if you are not careful, it will blend in with the others and be forgettable. Add aspects of your own unique writing style wherever you can.

Edit and Proofread

Remember to look for errors in your work. Even the best of writers make mistakes but you can correct these before submission so that they do not negatively affect your grades.

Manage your time carefully

Sometimes your essay will be written in a few hours under exam conditions. Other time you will have several days to work on it. In either case, start early and make certain you manage your time well. Consider how long each task takes and if you will have time to do it.

After a while, this may become one of your favorite types of essay.

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