Animal Testing

The world of medicine mostly uses animals to test drugs that are manufactured before they can be sold to the market. This process has in the recent past been discouraged by the Animal Welfare act. Scientists have been advised to carry out enough research to find alternative methods of testing drugs instead of using animals. They are then to provide the results of their finding before they are allowed to carry out any test on an animal. The results of the findings should also show the expected effects the drug being tested will have on the animal. The practice of carrying out drugs test on animals is strongly condemned by animal welfare societies and considered as in humane. Drug producing companies are not obliged to do drug tests on animals but do so to know the side effects of the drugs they produce so that they can avoid lawsuits from the consumers.

Quality of the drugs

It is good to note that animals are different from human beings. The effect that a drug will have on an animal is very different from what it will have on a human being. Animals are stronger and thus may be able to withstand some effects that human beings may not resist. Testing drugs on animals does not therefore make a drug safe for use on the human being. The body structure of different animals is different though there may be some resemblance. Some of the most commonly used animals are monkeys, cats, dogs, rabbits and rats. The body functioning of all these animals and that of a human being are totally different. For example a cat has some enzymes that are not present in the human body. Dogs walk on all fours and thus their respiratory and circulation systems are different from that of man. These differences are the reason as to why some drugs have been banned from the market for harming and even killing human beings even after passing animal testing.

Effects of animal testing

Companies that test their drugs on animals are accused of taking animals away from their natural habitats. This affects the animal behavior as they live in environments where they are not adapted to. Drugs that are administered on these animals affect them and at times lead to death. Some animals go blind and others num. It is even more stressing when an animal is keep an animal for a long time as it awaits a series of drugs administrations. This has been reported to yield different abnormal behaviours due to stress.

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