The Fail-Safe Strategy For Writing A 5-Page College Essay

Often, we are troubled not by the complicated nature of the assignment but the demanded length. Ask any student to solve a few math problems and he may feel alright; ask him to solve the whole exercise and he will smell a fig.

A boggling prospect

Likewise, you do not feel perturbed with the prospect of a college essay, but when that same assignment comes with a rider that it needs to be 5-page long; you suddenly feel the steam in your evaporating.

However, when there will be technology, there will be hackers. When there are suggestive problems, there are solutions as well lurking in the corner. You can avail the following strategy while dealing with the 5-page tantrum –

  • Map out 10-15 pertinent questions about the topical theme. Make sure they are distinctive, strategic and relevant. This is a long way into an assurance that you will cut a neat artery. The placement of questions and eventual finding of answers will take substantial space.
  • You should organize keenly. Whatever the length of the piece, there will surely be an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. You can accord one page each to Introduction and Conclusion and the middle three pages for the actual meat. What is left is to have a delectable dinner.
  • You should be heady with a few examples and allegory. This injects curiosity, interest and substance to the piece. You can weave your way through the questions and emergent points.
  • You should not lose track of the standing motif; the idea that you feel defines the theme. This would be your contribution to the field. You need to be redoubtable about the same.
  • You may use the strategy of elaborately analyzing each point or question; bringing into light the contradictory statements and then refuting them. Yes, this entails proper grounding into the theme. You cannot anyhow write 5 pages on something without being well-heeled about it.
  • You may add a distinctive pattern to the piece; a point that has hardly been mentioned before, let alone debated. This is easy if the topic is rather uncharted. You should rack your brain on this.

A winsome attitude

With proper grounding and deft explanations, it won’t be hard to script a three-page Body. You should take care in scripting a winning Introduction and a firm conclusion. The essay should seem up to scratch in consideration with college standard. You may take some inspiration from samples of lengthy write-ups.

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