How to Get Good Research Essay Topics Quickly?

When choosing a research essay topic, look for those you can find enough information on. You will need not only to express your personal opinion but to discuss previous research on this subject.

Quick Tips

  1. Ask your teacher for help.
  2. Your tutor might suggest an interesting idea for you to use. Asking a question will take just a minute. Do not be afraid of getting a negative response. Even if your teacher has no topic ideas to share, at least he or she will know that you care about your research essay.

  3. Brainstorm with a group of peers.
  4. Other students in your class are probably facing the same problem as you. Join your efforts to brainstorm for good research essay topics. A brainstorming session can only last for 15-30 minutes but leave you with dozens of nice ideas. When you come together, elect a “secretary” whose task will be to write down any topics suggested by group members. Be an active participant rather than a spectator. Articulate any ideas that come to your mind. After you are done, everyone will be able to select the most appealing topic from a general list.

  5. Check the best topic lists on the Internet.
  6. The fastest possible way to discover good research essay topics is to look them up on the Web. You may rest assured about the quality of topics you find this way. They might not dazzle your readers with originality, and they probably were used by many other students, but the very fact of a topic being included in a popular list speaks about its manageability. It does not matter how many people have written on this topic before, as long as you can spice it with a bit of your unique judgment. Few instructors are actually looking for original research essays. Most prefer a well-written one on a common topic, so that they can more easily assess your analytical and writing skills.

Examples of Good Topics for Research Essays

  • How is the Internet reshaping our language and culture?
  • The social implications of the computer-television convergence.
  • Does the US remain “a country of immigrants”?
  • The nature of totalitarianism.
  • The impact of nationalism on a country’s political system.
  • Can China become a threat to the US economy?
  • Should the government regulate the costs of college education?
  • Do study-abroad programs have any positive impact on your future career?
  • Should the production and consumption of junk food be restricted through higher taxes?
  • Should all Zoos be shut down as being unethical to animals?

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