Aging, Death and Dying

The life of an individual undergoes aging, death and dying processes. The aging process determines the death and dying ones. People who focus on disease and disability, instead of their health often find themselves with a difficult aging. While aging, individuals need to treat themselves with healthy habits and attitudes such as exercise, diet, and avoidance of the use of alcohol and tobacco. This will enhance a profound manner of how we experience the process of aging. Alternatively, the manner in which we treat our aging process depicts how the death and dying processes look like. Therefore, the key aspects of a significant death and dying should be discussed.

For us to be vibrant and emotional, we need to keep healthy during the aging process. Our approach to life determines our ability to survive the loss of loved ones. There are certain incidences that affect our aging process. Various researchers have formulated that the life span of an individual must encompass loss of life. However, this aspect affects the aging of those who are alive. When people are passed by imminent death, they are likely to pass through the following stages. Among them is denial. Many people express inability and disbelief when faced with loss in efforts to acknowledge the loss.

The aging process is worsened by activities that are not health-rated. Anger can have a significant impact on the life of an aging individual. People are enraged by the loss of their loved ones and wish that the incident could have happened to them. Others begin to bargain, wishing that the situation could be reversed for the better. Depression is a feeling of hopelessness or despair that falls on individuals when their loved ones experience death. They are overcome by depression, not aware that their own life is also at the risk of death. A number of of these circumstances can lead to heart attack or sudden death, leading to an additional loss.

In order to pass through a successful aging, death and dying process, individuals need to accept every situation that befalls them. When individuals are angry, their life span is reduced. When one is depressed, their days are reduced. Conditions such as depression could lead to sudden death in attempts to mourn for a lost person. Acceptance and a healthy living which is full of diet and exercise are the key aspects that lead to successful aging, death and dying processes.

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