How To Write A Good High School Application Essay In 4 Steps

A high school application essay can pertain to a student or a potential student’s writing skills. It can also be seen as a way to gauge a student’s character and what they will be able to contribute to the school. This type of application essay is mostly used by private schools, but public schools also may use this method on admitting students to their high school.

If private and public high schools are using this on students or potential students, then there must be a standard or a rubric for the application. So what makes a good application? What could instructors/faculty/staff be looking for in students’ application?

The faculty or the people involved with application viewing are looking for many things in an application. So what are they looking for? With these four steps, a high schooler will be able to make an application that the faculty is looking for.

  1. Understand the Prompt
  2. Many high schoolers will overlook what the prompt is asking of them. This can hurt your application severely. Understand what they are asking of you.

  3. Do not go off topic
  4. High schoolers are prone to go off topic when they run out of things to say about the topic asked of them. Or they did not understand the prompt and their entire application has nothing to do with what is asked of them. Try to stick as closely to the prompt as possible.

  6. This could not be stressed enough. This application is to get to know you not someone else or someone you think the reviewer wants to read about. The prompt will usually ask what your strengths and weaknesses and hobbies are. Understand that being honest will give you a step up, not a step down.

  7. Answer Completely
  8. Most application essays are not answered fully. Re-read the prompt and answer all the questions in it. Usually, the prompt will have more than one question. Be sure to answer each and every one as thoroughly as possible.

To have a good high school application, a student must understand what is asked of them, not trail off to something that has nothing to do with the question(s), be honest and answer completely. In order to succeed you must, as a high school student, take every application you fill out, seriously.

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