20 Excellent Narrative Essay Topics And Ideas To Choose From

Storytelling is one of the oldest human traditions. It comes naturally to us, and it almost always compelling to listeners. There’s no need at all to stress when faced with a narrative essay… It’s what we all do, every day! Here are some excellent ideas to trigger your passion for the story you have to tell.

  1. Waking from slumber: How I learned to start living the life I’d always dreamed of.
  2. To the victor be spoils: The story of a conquering soldier lost his faith, his compass, and his identity until he found empathy for the enemy.
  3. Lonely in the crowd: The personal experience of an introvert, lonely even when surrounded by dozens of friends and acquaintances, in finding companionship.
  4. To the manor born: Growing up as an aristocrat in a modern democracy struggling to let go of its antiquated past.
  5. Survivor: A woman’s tale of overcoming abuse, and learning to forgive, and learning to trust again.
  6. The test subject: The story of an army solider secretly the subject of his nation’s research into the effects of nuclear radiation on the fighting man.
  7. The searchers: Insight into the lives of parents of missing children, and their never-ending quests to find the truth.
  8. Where no man dares: Stories of incredible courage to conquer new frontiers on mountaintops, ocean depths, and frozen wastes never before explored.
  9. An ordinary life: The day-to-day lives of ordinary people, unremarked upon by history.
  10. Dead man walking: The first hours, and last hours, of the story arc of a convicted murderer’s sins and retributions.
  11. My mother: A personal reflection on the three key moments in my life with my mother that have come to define my own concept of motherhood.
  12. The biggest loser: The insider’s account of a rogue trader who destroyed a decades-old institution.
  13. Glamour girls: Exposing the myth of the movie stars perfect lives.
  14. Little lives: Stories of children across different nations, and what it means to be a child.
  15. Destined for greatness: Behind the legend of the warrior kings, fated to conquer.
  16. Bloomers: How babies perceive the world and find their places in it.
  17. Grace: A woman’s quest to become a preacher in a patriarchal church.
  18. Free! Trace the journey of a slave, from capture, to indenture, to liberation.
  19. Out of the Wild: How an abandoned child fought to survive in nature.
  20. Crooked: The inside story of a con man’s long play to defraud innocent people.

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