10 Great Topics For An Essay On Better Late Than Never

Essays in general are often opinions on a particular matter. The great thing about this type of writing is that you really can’t be wrong. If you can substantiate what you say and back your opinions with facts, you should be fine. You can be graded on how you write a paper but if your words are backed with research and explained coherently, you can’t get a poor grade on what you say. The freedom of speech has given you the right to say and write what you feel. In the academic world you have to say it a particular way and be able to defend your stance in an intelligent, coherent manner. The proverb, “Better late than never”, has been widely said so there are many things you can write an article on about it. Here are a few examples:

  1. Is the proverb a good idea to follow?
  2. Is the proverb a bad idea?
  3. The pros and cons of being late.
  4. The pros and cons of being on time.
  5. Procrastination – What causes it?
  6. Procrastination – Is it a terrible habit?
  7. How can procrastination hurt your grades?
  8. How important is it to complete what you start?
  9. Can constantly quitting things affect your future?
  10. Are teachers hurting or helping a student if they don’t accept late work?

Your essay on the above topic should have the basic components of all essays. You need an introduction which includes your topic and your topic sentence. You can write many different essays on each of the topics listed above so you need good topic sentence. Also in your introduction you need to write something to suck your audience in so they will read the rest of your essay. Convince them that your article is going to be interesting. Give them a reason to continue reading.

Once you have them convinced to continue, you need to deliver. In your next few paragraphs, you need to give the meat of your article. You need to back what you said in your topic sentence. Give solid evidence with real data so your readers believe what you are saying.

Finally, you need to wrap up your article by restating your topic sentence and briefly give your reasons or your proof. Once you have done that, leave the reader with something to think about because that is what they will remember. Try to stimulate them to continue to think about your essay and the subject matter.

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