Writing a Literary Analysis Essay about The Great Gatsby: 10 Fresh Ideas

When you’re analyzing a piece of literature in an essay, you either have to demystify the author’s source of inspiration or to give your own opinion concerning what you’ve read. Apparently, the second approach seems to be more thought-provoking and challenging. If you are lucky to write a literary analysis essay about The Great Gatsby by Frances Scott Fitzgerald, here are some original ideas aimed to help you decide on a topic you’re going to write about.

  1. Author’s confession.
  2. Does the author describe himself in a novel? What makes you think so? Whose character does Fitzgerald’s personality serve as a prototype?

  3. The American Dream theme.
  4. How do you understand this term? According to Fitzgerald, is the American Dream approachable or is it a mere illusion?

  5. Storyteller’s allusions.
  6. Do you embrace the whole story through Nick Carraway’s perspective? Do you feel there are certain things he avoided to mention? Is the narrator dispassionate about Jay Gatsby or not? What is your own attitude towards Nick?

  7. Greatness and misery.
  8. Is Gatsby “Great” or ordinary for real? Develop on Jay’s virtues and weaknesses. What is his personal tragedy? Do you fancy this character?

  9. Heroes and villains.
  10. Do you think it is possible to draw a clear line between good and bad people in this novel? Who’s an unquestionable hero, if there is one, from your own point of view?

  11. Vivid depictions.
  12. What is significant about Fitzgerald’s descriptive style? What elements does the author use to emphasize the mood of a story? Are there images that remarkably influenced your apprehension of a novel? In your opinion, what does the green light the author referred to in a novel embody?

  13. Love and lust.
  14. Is there true affection in The Great Gatsby? Do you think that Jay Gatsby is really in love with Daisy Buchanan or he is simply fond of the very thought of loving her? Does Daisy love Jay? Prove your point of view by using evidence given by the author.

  15. The reverse side of success.
  16. What exactly smoothed the way to Gatsby’s welfare? Did he achieve his wealth and status using his own efforts? Does his fortune make him happy?

  17. Social disparity and wealth.
  18. On what principle are characters nominally divided in a novel? What do they have in common?

  19. The City.
  20. How does Fitzgerald describe New York City and its suburbs? Do you trace the symbolism of his depictions? Express your point of view, but don’t hesitate to use quotations from a novel.

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